Introducing Boy Story!  A cool, new 18" Action Doll and book series built to last and blast through modern day stereotypes!  Find the adventure in you!

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"But boy dolls are hard to come by — especially boy dolls that aren't plush, glorified pillows or muscle-bound, weapon-wielding warriors."
Boy Story creators want to give boys a doll of their own
The Chicago Tribune - May 23, 2016
"After months of experiencing sexism in the workplace, Jarvis decided to make a radical change."
Why Aren't There More Dolls for Boys?
The Atlantic - September 08, 2016
"And while the market for children’s toys is seriously gendered, companies like Boy Story are making moves to increase diversity — smashing the limitations of masculinity that young boys are so often controlled by."
How these new dolls for boys are smashing gender norms
Hello Giggles - October 18, 2016
"The founders of a new line of realistic boy dolls are positioning their company as a corrective to the gender-segregated world of kids’ toys."
This New Line of Toys Looks Like American Girl Dolls for Boys
Slate - October 18, 2016
"Take the rising company Boy Story, for example, which is putting out a line of boy dolls. They will have an uphill battle to beat the current stereotyped market, but they believe in our kids, and so I believe in them."
Forget About Gender Norms: I Want My Son To Be True To Himself
Scary Mommy - October 01, 2016
"These durable action dolls encourage pretend play, which is linked to improved communication, relation and nurturing skills in children. Doll play also helps with cognitive development. "
Who says boys can't play with dolls? These toymakers are changing gender stereotypes.
Circa - October 16, 2016
"Really though, toys are just toys and they say nothing about your gender or sexuality. That's why this new line of dolls is so cool. "
Dolls for Boys Are Breaking Gender Stereotypea About Kids' Toys
Teen Vogue - October 17, 2016
"This new company is smashing gender stereotypes one doll at a time."
Boy Story Action Dolls Break Down Barriers In the One-Sided Doll Market
The Toy Insider - May 02, 2016
"Pretend play with dolls should be equally available, without judgment, to boys and girls. The current imbalance needs to change. We need balance in our toys so the messages our children see—and probably adopt—are ones of equality and diversity."
Gender-Equal Changes Come in Small Steps. Here’s One: Boys and Dolls. Let’s Fix This Today.
Huffington Post - April 29, 2016
"Finding a doll for a new big sister is easy. But for a new big brother? That challenge led to Boy Story, a new line of diverse boy dolls with a cool factor built in."
Sisters Fill Niche With Boy Story
ASTRA Toy Times Magazine - April 27, 2016
"My sons are onto something when they play with dolls. They’re relating. They’re oblivious to stereotypes. And we should keep them that way."
Boys and Dolls: A New Era of Play
Bluegrass Redhead - March 30, 2016
"If I had not been sold on them at first look, after talking to the sisters that are trying to get this company off the ground I would have been. Katie and Kristen (neither of which I have a prior relationship with) are beyond passionate about this project. They believe in what they are doing. This Pappy does too."
A Little Mascara Doesn't Hurt...
The Purposeful Pappy - April 12, 2016
"There is no excuse that, in this day and age, boy dolls are extremely rare. And when you do find them, they basically look like girls with short hair. Come on! Let's celebrate boys a little. Let's give them a doll that looks like them."
Boy Story: Why Millennial Parents Want More Than Just Girl Dolls
What Millennials Want - March 18, 2016
"Action Dolls are designed to join in the fun. They foster companionship, communication, and empathy. These are traits for every child, and they learn them best through play."
Boy Story Brings Action Dolls To The Market - March 23, 2016
"Boy Story dolls are different than anything I've ever seen. They are a seriously ingenious mix of action figure and doll called "Action Dolls." The dolls have jointed limbs perfect for active and pretend play."
More Boy Dolls & Where to Get Them
Mommy Diaries (Of a Florida Mom) - May 04, 2016
""As the mom of two boys, I was absolutely shocked when I really started digging into the doll market. So many people are looking for boy dolls, but they just don't exist. Until now." - Founder & CEO Kristen"
Boy Story Coming to Kickstarter in Spring 2016!
Boy Story News - February 12, 2016
"Meet Mason and Billy! Boy Story's first two characters to be launched during Boy Story's Kickstarter campaign in Spring 2016. Each boy is featured in his own story that goes alongside his cool posable 18" Action Doll."
Meet Mason & Billy, Boy Story's First Two Characters!
Boy Story News - February 12, 2016
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